Gift Card Packaging

We are stocked with popular brands for your various gift card packaging needs.

What we offer:

Custom Gift Card Boxes

Spa Boxes

Stock Gift Card Boxes

Stretch Ribbons


Full-line Fulfillment

plus foil stamped and embossed details.

"Goes above
and beyond. ”

- Tina P.

Get Creative.



This is the main part of the gift card box as it is what makes the box stable and uniform. The board is simply paperboard made from recycled paper and fiber. Most of our gift card boxes are made with white board which means the inside of the box is white.
Through special dies, we can change the color of the board for different looks and we can laminate any paper to the inside of the box, resulting in outstanding gift card packaging!


Also referred to as the wrap, is what we use to cover the outside of the gift card box. This can range from a simple white paper to stock colors made by our mills, and also customized printed, foil stamped or embossed wraps with customers names and logos.


This is the plastic gift card holder that we glue into each gift card box. Most common colors are white and black, however we can have the insert supplied in any color and add flocking to the inserts for a velvet feel. The insert we use has a special deep well under where the gift card rests to allow for specially printed instructions and legal documents.


In addition to hundreds of stock paper designs and colors that are available to use on our gift card boxes, we offer high quality process printing and foil stamping to personalize the look of the gift card boxes. We have templates available to email to our customers to lay out their own special designs.

Stretch Ribbons

One of the best and most convenient ways to make gift card boxes more up-scale is to add stretch ribbons. We carry many colors like gold, silver, black, white and red. They add that special touch to make your gift card packaging first class.

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